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Financing Tool Presetter Equipment

Financing Tool Presetter Equipment

Businesses of all sizes turn to financing as a vital part of investing in capital equipment. Leasing permits company owners/decision-makers to reduce the uncertainty associated with purchasing equipment while freeing up assets that will let you operate and expand your business.

By financing equipment, businesses have the ability to:

  1. Get the machinery without disrupting bank or credit lines 
  2. Stay on the cutting edge of technology to increase efficiency and profit
  3. Balance cost of machinery with return on investment
  4. Maintain an attractive balance sheet
  5. Improved cash forecasting with manageable payments


At Omega TMM, we make it as convenient as possible for you to integrate our top of the line measurement solutions onto your shop floor. Omega TMM is able to provide its customers with fast, flexible financing

Financing options include:

  • Competitive financing packages with convenient terms 
  • Financing, leasing, and working capital solutions
  • Custom payments to match your cash flow


“The financing options available at Omega TMM has allowed our company to purchase a Fortis Pro that we would have otherwise not been able to afford… This investment in equipment with financing has allowed us to stay price competitive and maintain a cash flow to tackle additional projects”