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The History of Omega TMM: Formerly the Presetter Division of Parlec, Inc.

History of Omega TMM from Parlec

The History of Omega TMM: Formerly the Presetter Division of Parlec, Inc.

Omega Tool Measuring Machines, located in Fairport, NY, has a long history of building the world’s most accurate, repeatable and reliable tool presetters.  Formerly the presetter division Parlec Inc., Omega TMM is dedicated to building USA made, industry leading tool presetters. Tool presetters were introduced to the machining market to allow end-users to accurately and efficiently measure the dimensions of their tool assemblies in an offline measuring machine.  Before the invention of tool presetters, measurement of tool assemblies was done exclusively by touching off the tool in the mill or machining center.  The processes of touching off tools are inefficient and take time away from machining parts. This inefficiency reduces the number of parts that can be produced, limiting the potential production capacity of manufacturers worldwide.


In the late 80’s spindles with vacuum clamping capabilities were added to the machine along with a comparator and digital readouts. Beginning in 1980, Omega TMM (Parlec, Inc. at the time) launched the first USA made tool presetter consisting of 3 main components 1) a granite block, 2) a height stand, and 3) a measuring pot to clasp the tool holder in place.  Parlec’s initial tool presetters relied on physically touching the tool in order to provide an accurate measurement of the length and diameter.


In the late 1990’s the addition of mechanical clamping spindles, computer interfaces, and digital cameras improved accuracy and user experience. These advancements allowed users to measure and retain additional tool data.



In the 2000’s advancements in software and imaging technology improved the ease of use, speed, and functionality of the tool presetters. RFID technology is added to the product line to allow tool data to be written to chips installed into the tool assemblies.


In 2006, Parlec opened a wholly owned foreign enterprise in Nanjing, China to service the aggressively growing Chinese machining market.  Within three years the company would add sales offices in Tianjin, Xian, Wuxi, and Chengdu.  The company continues to expand throughout mainland China and other parts of Asia as demand for the product continues to grow.


In 2014 Parlec unveiled its Origin presetter at IMTS.  The Origin was the world’s first tool presetter under $11,000 that utilized a digital camera system capable of delivering micron-level accuracy.  The Origin came with a completely redesigned software that was as easy to use as a smartphone.  The new presetter is also delivered with a self-install guide to eliminate the requirement of service tech installation.


In May of 2016 Parlec Inc sold its tooling division and the name Parlec to Techniks Industries.  Parlec’s Tool Presetter Division would remain with the private ownership and direction of CEO Michael Nuccitelli and was renamed Omega Tool Measuring Machines Inc.  Mark Higgins, then Executive VP of Parlec, was promoted to President of the newly formed Omega Tool Measuring Machines Inc.  The company’s culture focuses on a customer first mentality.  Omega TMM’s goal is to deliver the best possible customer experience while providing world-class tool measuring machines.  Mark Higgins, along with Ryan Meleg, Director of Sales, and Mike Bernitt, Director of Operations, would lead Omega TMM through the most aggressive machine design project in the history of the company.  The company would expand their product offering to include tool measuring machines for the stone grinding and glass grinding industries as well as introducing new machines for the metal cutting industry.


At IMTS 2018, Omega Tool Measuring Machines made its formal debut to the manufacturing world.   The International Manufacturing Technology Show gave Omega TMM a chance to display its new name, logo, product line, and newly designed Solis presetter.  This all-in-one tool presetter and shrinkset machine allows users to quickly and accurately build and measure shrinkset tool assemblies.  The machine garnered much attention from potential customers and the competition alike.  The show would turn out to be the most successful IMTS in the company’s history.  Omega TMM would finish 2018 with a record year in sales and an aggressive backlog to start off 2019.

Looking Forward

The company is looking forward to another successful year and will be displaying their “Made in the USA” presetters at several trade shows including the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS 2019) in April, EASTEC (the premier east coast manufacturing event) and the Northwest Machine Tool Expo in May, WESTEC in September, and Wichita Industrial Trade Show in October. Omega Tool Measuring Machines will also launch the newly redesigned product line at the CIMT show in Beijing, China in April.


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