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Your Questions, Our Answers

Your Questions, Our Answers

Question #1: How do I determine which machine is best for me?

  • Our tool measuring machines vary in capabilities between models, and it is important to understand which machine is best for your industry and workload to best optimize your shop floor. By filling out a contact survey or giving Omega TMM a call, a sales representative will help guide you to finding the machine that matches your needs.


Question #2: What makes Omega TMM’s machines different than other presetting machines?

  • Three words: Accurate, Repeatable, Reliable
  • Accurate: The most accurate automated tool height setting available. Utilizing an ultra-precise sub-1-micron resolution glass scale encoder users have the ability to accurately set tool heights to +/- 5 microns, the best in the tool presetter business!
  • Repeatable: The same measurements EVERY time. Nothing repeats like an Omega!
  • Reliable: The most robust build in the industry! Omega TMM offers an industry leading 10-year warranty on its presetter machines, resulting in best-in-class dependability.


Question #3: What is the best way to stay on top of machine calibration?

  • We understand that most of our clients need to stay up to date on calibration with a yearly reminder to have their machines serviced. We here at Omega will make sure to remind you when your calibration is due!


Question #4: Is Omega TMM’s customer service outsourced?

  • Omega TMM maintains the best customer service by keeping our customer service team within the national headquarters location in Fairport, NY. When you call the office, we are happy to say that you will be immediately connected to one of our many tool presetting and inspection experts.


Question #5: How can I get a machine quote?

  • The cost of a presetter machine differs based on functionality. For a quote on a specific machine, you can contact [email protected] or give us a call to receive a quote within a business day.


Question #6: How long will it take me to get a machine once I place my order?

  • Our presetting machines typically have a lead time of 4-6 weeks before it arrives at your facility. Omega will also build a custom machine specifically for your application, lead times vary on custom machines based on complexity. If you need a presetter faster, let us know.  Our manufacturing area is built utilizing lean production concepts and we are often able to get machines built in just a few days.


Question #7: How do I set up my machine?

  • The customer’s experience is our top priority. A factory certified Omega technician will come to your facility, install your machine, and train your employees to make sure your get the best ROI on your new machine.


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