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Top of the Line Tool Measurement: Omega TMM Technology

Omega Presetter Value

Top of the Line Tool Measurement: Omega TMM Technology

In the era of Industry 4.0, it is critical that manufacturing businesses maintain efficiency to stay price competitive, while consistently delivering precision parts to its clients. Over the course of the last decade, tool presetting machines have pushed the boundaries of automation on the shop floor. The integrated system provides tool measurement within microns practically eliminating setup times and decreasing scrap rates to near 0.

The advancement of innovation and technology have been made possible by the Omega TMM team, who’s mission includes providing the best products and services to its customers. With technology focused on ensuring accuracy, reliability, and repeatability, the Omega TMM machines are widely known as “the best in the business.”

What makes Omega Tool Measuring Machine’s Technology so special?

A.A.I.M. Technology

Omega TMM’s A.A.I.M (Automated Analysis Inspection and Measurement) imaging software produces a cloud of over 2 million individual points to generate a micron precise DFX file for overlay or export, creating the most accurate tool presetting machine on the market.

Ergonomic Use

What was once a very labor-intensive process has adapted automation and design to become a more user-friendly experience to reduce operator fatigue. Exhaustive research in grip width, grip length, reach reduction, posture of hand, and more has led to the development of what some call the “ergonomically perfect” handle.

The World’s Only “Learning” Presetter | ECHO Functionality

By simply turning on the Echo function and measuring your tool, the Echo will learn your movements, optimize the program, and create your macro for use with future tools. This is hands down the simplest way to program presetting macros in the tool presetting market. Period.

These features combine to form a measuring machine capable of increasing throughput of tools by over 250 percent and ensure conformity and repeatability of the inspection and measuring process.

Does your industry require precision measurement?