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The most affordable and well-optioned heat shrink/tool presetting combination on the market PERIOD. Standard features like 4-axis CNC, tool height setting, liquid chilled cooling collars, and automatic broken tool removal make the Helios the market leader in affordable heat shrink technology.

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Omega Tool Measuring Machines can improve efficiency and help you successfully compete in the marketplace of both today and tomorrow. Our products showcase the best in design, engineering, and manufacturing to produce the most accurate and reliable tool presetters in the world. As we pursue our commitment to researching new technologies, Omega will continue to set new standards in precision tool measuring presetter systems while providing our customers with the highest level of support and service.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

OMEGA TMM is the only company in the tool presetter market to offer sales, support, manufacturing, and assembly in the U.S.A.!

For Sales and Service:

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Omega TMM prides itself on being the only US manufacturer of tool presetters and we stand behind our machines with the best warranty in the industry. With thousands of tool measuring machines in service today, we have built our reputation by providing world-class service to extend the life of your presetter.

A New Partnership with: TDM SYSTEMS

Leverage our partnership to Win the Industry 4.0 Race

Tool Data Management with TDM Systems centralizes and optimizes your production resources automatically and accurately. Thanks to a custom highly integrated interface between Omega presetters and TDM, proper preparation and exact measurement can be assured- within the proper tolerances in a single click.

Accurate Measuring

The most accurate automated tool height setting available patent pending. Utilizing an ultra-precise sub-1-micron resolution glass scale encoder users have the ability to accurately set tool heights to +/- 5 microns, the best in the tool presetter business!

Repeatable Machines

The world’s only “learning tool presetter”! Simply turn on the Echo function, measure your tool and Echo will learn your movements, optimize the program, and create your macro. This is hands down the simplest way to program presetting macros on the market.

Reliability is Key

80x magnification, a collimated backlight, 5MP CMOS sensor, and a custom ground bi-telecentric lens gives you the most accurate image in the presetting industry.